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Dear people who I pass every day,

I swear I’m not upset at you or disinterested in getting to know you. I just happen to be a painfully awkward / shy potato who overthinks every human interaction countless times over.

My eyes darting to the ground or ANYWHERE other than to you is to avoid me turning red like the awkward fuck I am. I’m sure you look quite lovely and if I can muster so much as a smile you will have witnessed a small miracle.

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My ex’s gf is dumb, I wouldn’t ruin their relationship. It’s been two years since the whole situation. She has no say in what I can or can not do

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Color Studies: Pink by Carissa Gallo

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He still closes his eyes when she kisses him

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I was going through the newspapers today and saw this.

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this picture deserves endless notes


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Kigi Store

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